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Youth Program

Aikido is a perfect martial art for children. Because Aikido strengthens not only the body but also the mind and spirit, your child gains a strong sense of focus and self-confidence.

Children practice in a friendly, coed atmosphere. Our specially qualified instructors use games, techniques, and tumbling exercises to teach children how to defend themselves without hurting others.

We encourage you to visit our school, watch a class, and decide for yourself if Aikido would benefit your child.

Safety Benefits

Aikido techniques are designed to be effective without being destructive. On a very practical level, our youth programs teach children to:

  • avoid dangerous situtations
  • handle bullies - not become one
  • neutralize aggression

Another important aspect of Aikido is the art of ukemi, or tumbling. Children learn to roll and fall safely - an invaluable skill in their rough and tumble world.

Athletic Benefits

Aikido training improves strength, balance, physical coordination, and flexibility. Aikido offers a good workout, enhances agility and increases sports abilities.

Family Benefits

Aikido offers families a new perspective on fitness, fun and peaceful empowerment. We encourage parental involvement and offer a variety of ways for parents, family and friends to support and celebrate your child's learning, accomplishments and promotions.

Social Benefits

Aikido teaches children how to cooperate and succeed. Aikido of Monterey youth programs will help your child learn to:

  • make friends and avoid making enemies
  • take responsibility and consider others
  • relax in stressful situations
  • focus and concentrate
  • increase mind-body coordination
  • develop emotional intelligence
  • sit quietly and listen attentively

Regular training will help your child develop good learning skills and the kind of follow-through that gives children self-confindence as they grow.

Children learn at an enjoyable, effective pace in a gender-equal environment. Age-specific curricula promote a healthy balance of individuality and teamwork.

Aiki-Mites (ages 4-6)

"Aiki-Mites" have fun and express surplus energy through empowering games, movements, and exercises inspired by Aikido. They learn safety skills, tumbling, and focus in a joyful format.

RAINBOW QUEST - From time to time children will demonstrate skills associated with certain colors of the rainbow. They will be awarded stripes to be worn on their belts so that they will see the recognition we have to their progress. The stripes are in no way a ranking system and are not meant as a form of competition.

Check schedule and youth newsletter for times.


Aiki-Kids (ages 7-14)

"Aiki-Kids" learn nonviolent martial arts techniques and skills. Class activities develop physical and mental coordination, confidence, esteem and basic self-defense skills in a fun and empowering format.

Check schedule and youth newsletter for times.


How to Begin

Your child can begin Aikido at any time, on a space available basis (we limit class size to afford every child the individual attention they deserve). Please inquire by emailing info@aikidomonterey.com, calling 831.375.8106, or just stop by 1251 10th Street in Monterey to watch a class (see kid's class times on the dojo schedule).

Our Instructors

Danielle Smith Sensei has trained in Aikido since 1973. She has taught children as well as adults for most of that time. She was one of the founders of Model Mugging Self Defense and Empowerment and has black belts in several martial arts. She is a 6th degree black belt holder in Aikido and has led the community here since 1984. She is the president of the California Aikido Association.

Mitch Johnson Sensei has trained in Aikido since 1989. He loves the bokken and the jo! In 2006, after having assisted Smith Sensei for years, he became the primary instructor of the Session II youth program. He holds a black belt in sword drawing (Iaido) and is a 5th degree black belt in Aikido, making him a regular instructor of both adults and youth in the dojo.

What is a Sempai? Sempai means, someone with more experience. In the adult class, the term is used mostly with regard to rank. In the youth program, it often means more "life experience," as in the form of an adult person, helping out on the mat. From time to time we have parents who have no other Aikido experience helping out. Please talk to Danielle Smith Sensei if you would like to assist in your child's class. It is fun, and being an adult is qualification enough.

Registration for TWO OR MORE training days Monday-Thursday
Sibling or Family-Discount (saves $10.00/month)$65.00/month (per child)
'Three Month Special' (saves $10/month)$195.00
Registration for ONE training day per week
Sibling or Family-Discount (saves $5.00/month)$45.00/month (per child)
'Three Month Special' (saves $5/month)$135.00
One-time "Joining Fee" for all programs$30/family
Youth Program Notable Dates
See Youth Newsletter for dates.

    The Art of Peace - Morihei Ueshiba
    54 Always practice the Art of Peace in a vibrant and joyful manner.
    Aikido of Monterey · 1251 10th Street, Monterey CA 93940 · info@aikidomonterey.com · 831.375.8106

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