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The Art of the Wooden Staff
"Aikibojitsu is a beautiful and challenging art form witihin which, through precise and flowing movements with a staff, practitioners explore both the depths of silence and peaks of explosive power. Aikibojitsu is moving meditation, an archetypal call for practitioners to look deeply and directly at existence, alone and with power.
Aikibojitsu is a highly sophisticated and powerful martial art whose real challenge comes down to confrontation with a simple stick of wood.  There is no hiding from oneself in this confrontation because the staff is a perfect mirror.
Aikibojitsu is a compelling martial system for even the most experienced martial artist, but it is truly an art form for everyone. People begin study who have no martial background at all, while others who have extensive martial arts experience find Aikibojitsu to be an unusually powerful demonstration of the true power of non-resistance." - Tom Read, Aikibojitsu Founder and author of "Aikido, Aikibojitsu and the Structure of Natural Law."
Local classes at Aikido of Monterey
Mondays, Noon - 1pm (Seaside Buddhist Temple location)
Phone: (831) 375-8106

Taught by
Michael Smith, 5th Dan, Licensed Aikibojitsu Teacher, Aikido 6th Dan

Visit the main Aikibojitsu website for more information.
Also, visit the Aikibojitsu YouTube channel for more videos.

All images/video, Copyright by Michael Smith

The Art of Peace - Morihei Ueshiba
6 The Art of Peace functions everywhere on earth, in realms ranging from the vastness of space down to the tiniest plants and animals. The life force is all-pervasive and its strength boundless. The Art of Peace allows us to percieve and tap into that tremendous reserve of universal energy.
Aikido of Monterey · 1251 10th Street, Monterey CA 93940 · info@aikidomonterey.com · 831.375.8106

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